Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The land-locked country of Uganda is located in eastern equatorial Africa.  Her infamous neighbors include the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Sudan to the north, Kenya lies to the east, and Tanzania and Rwanda are her southern borders.  It is an area that has been dealt a harsh blow when it comes to human rights and violence, social upheaval and colonialism, struggles for political power, challenged and changing traditions and, for most, an economy incapable of sustaining a quality of life that the largest percentage of our country enjoys. 

No doubt you have heard of Joseph Kony, Omar Al-Bashir, Idi Amin, Joseph Mobutu, and Uhuru Kenyatta, just a small sampling of "leaders" who have used their power to establish and contribute to their own personal wealth via unthinkable and condemned acts against the very people they are meant to represent. 

Unfortunately, most of our knowledge is based on what sells and supports newspapers, magazines, and the media.  After all, in the eyes of this media, stories of human kindness rarely meet an enviable financial and exclusivity status in the industry as do reports of genocide, violence, and corruption.  

But, surely there is also much good in these areas that is simply not reported - not unlike in our own country- and while I will only be in Uganda, I am certain I will find that goodness!  Stay tuned. I promise to share it with you!

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