Monday, June 11, 2012

What is it about packing that is so difficult for me?!  You would think that after all the times I have done this it would become routine...but NOOOOOOO!  No matter how careful and conservative I try to be, I always end up taking more stuff than I could possibly use.  George Carlin said it best when he referred to a suitcase as just a smaller version of your house...but isn't going away partially to get away from all of your stuff?!  Then why do I need to take so much stuff with me when I go?!  A question for the ages...If you are so inclined, see a video of this comic routine by Carlin.  Just don't be too sensitive to his street language!  After all, it IS George Carlin!

So I continue to try stuff on, move stuff from one place to another, put stuff in one suitcase, decide I don't need it and take it out again...look for more stuff to bring along.  Since I have to have clothes, etc. in a carry-on due to a large degree of lost luggage for this destination, the stuff has managed to show up in at least 3 of our bedrooms trying to find a home with the stuff that they are comfortable with...enough about stuff...but it is multiplying!

I have to go to the bank tomorrow.  Since it was impossible to exchange USD's for Ugandan shillings at the local bank, we will do this upon our arrival.  We have been advised that any money (USD) we bring to exchange must be issued from 2006 or later.  Once I reveal this stipulation to the bank tellers, I am certain that they will all become my very best friends.  :)   I guess Ugandans don't like old, worn out money?!  I'm not sure why we have to do this but I will find out and get back to you.

For those of you who have traveled with me before or have heard the Tales of Mater, you will notice in the picture that he has settled close to my passport so he is not forgotten or lost among got it...stuff!.  Look for him in future posts!  This little guy really gets around!


  1. See you in a few weeks! Don't bring anything back that isn't inanimate! That's all you need - a few lions running around!!!

    1. Funny you should say are not the first person who suggested I leave all living things in Uganda when I leave! However, lions would make life interesting! Stay tuned... :)

    2. Hello my friend.....I miss you already. Did you have an interesting flight? Silly me...of course you did. You were on it!!!